The S.S. Odessa, Adrift in space, has been sending us these logs for some time now. They are from the commander of the ship, James Talin...

To find the crew we will need to review these logs to assess both their location...and their frame of mind. To download and view commander Talin’s reports, depending on your comm center, you will need to either right click with your selector device, or find the side arrow at the top bar of the embedded reports to select download, to view full size report. Works best on a Firefox “comm station.” To view the next log: You’ll need simply to clink the link, usually below the nav video, to be brought to the next report.

S.S. Odessa

Talin. James, Cdr.

First log here.

Quasar 358B, 845th day of the mission Report1, Adrift. .

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